Longevity has reached an all time high for women. Although this has generally been welcome news, degenerative, chronic and often painful conditions are increasingly a part of aging and quality of life.

The CENTER FOR MENOPAUSE, HORMONAL DISORDERS AND WOMEN’S HEALTH is founded to evaluate and treat women at a critical time of medical need with a team of experts who are knowledgable in the most up to date treatment. These interventions are increasingly important for women because so many effects of aging may be delayed. Menopause has become the adolescence of old age.

The Center focuses on the treatment of the menopause and the menopause transition and can offer both hormonal and non-hormonal treatment as well as some alternatives. The care of the menopausal women includes the evaluation and treatment of osteoporosis and other diseases of aging.

The Center will also focus on providing care for hormonal problems in the premenopausal years. Neglect of these conditions during adolescence and the reproductive years may lead to serious complications in later life. These include menstrual irregularities which may be associated with excess or low weight, acne, excessive hair growth, or may be athletically or stress induced. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, infertility, excessive bleeding, and cancer of the uterus may accompany these problems.