Treatment of women with hormonal problems from adolescence through the childbearing years, menopause and beyond.
Management of menstrual irregularities, lack of periods, excessive bleeding, management of hormonal or alternative therapies prior, during, and after menopause, with particular expertise in the area of premature and surgical menopause.
Treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormone dependent acne and excessive hair growth, exercise and diet related menstrual problems, evaluation for heart disease, osteoporosis, urinary incontinence and related problems.

The Center will also provide state-of-the-art diganosis and treatment of these disorders and alternatives to hysterectomy with minimally invasive surgery using laparoscopic techniques often allowing the patient to return home the same or next day after treatment. Women now can benefit from technologic advances available to diagnose and treat disorders that can be managed medically or with minimally invasive surgery for vaginal bleeding and incontinence.

The Center for Menopause, Hormonal Disorders and Women’s Health recognizes that treatment for women go well beyond routine obstetrical and gynecological care. Services include: screening for cancer, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the reproductive tract.

The Center for Menopause, Hormonal Disorders and Women’s Health has access to the vast resources of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and 51st St. site which houses over 200 physicians and 17 medical and surgical specialty centers in one facility. Of particular interest is an up to date osteoporosis diagnostic center and a breast center.